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When the Answers are Hidden

by on Mar.26, 2011, under Core Values, News Commentary, Politics/Economics, Spirituality

In today’s 140-character, soundbite world, we often miss the deeper meaning of the events unfolding around us. When I was going to school, a major curriculum requirement was the study of Shakespeare’s works. The very point of studying his works was that the value was in wrestling with difficult questions –not rushing to easy answers.

And so it was with Jesus, the Christ, whose parables rendered life-giving principles that profoundly confused and disturbed the rulers of his day. His “asset value” was not valued; in fact, it was so profoundly devalued that he was killed. And yet, two centuries later, we set our calendars by the event of his being, and his teachings provide the moral compass for many of us.

In Mark 11:13, he said that although there were no figs on the tree, the value was there. The answers were hidden from those who were only willing to spend 140 characters to find them.

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The Archer List

by on Feb.14, 2011, under Core Values, News Commentary

This is a list of companies or organizations that appear to bring the vision to reality. The Core Values articulated on this site are the New Normal, and represent a bold departure from business as usual. Those that are listed here may not be perfect exemplars, but they are aimed in the right direction, and we applaud their efforts.

The Dylan Ratigan Show, MSNBC

Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont

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Limited by Knowledge

by on Jan.29, 2011, under Core Values, Politics/Economics, Relationships, Spirituality

PhD graduates realize that they have only developed the tools to begin exploration of knowledge in whatever is their field of study.

The paradox of learning is that to the outside world they have reached the top in their field, and yet they have “only just begun.”

Ephesians 3:20 says he will “do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think.” When we realize that the opening of our minds to the universal spirit brings us limitless opportunities, then we take off the boundaries.

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Changing the World: One Good Deed at a Time

by on Jul.19, 2009, under News Commentary, Politics/Economics

Yesterday I heard a news story that warmed my heart. It was a story of a lady who provides a life for boys & girls whose parents are incarcerated. There are so many things about life and love that these young people need to experience, and this lady is able to help them have that experience — at least at a secondary level.

Like this lady, we all have gifts to give the universe. So often, though, we hold back, and think only about what the universe will give to us. There is a lot of literature that shows that depression and other health effects can be altered by doing good deeds. So often we see big problems and wish we could have an impact, while we ignore the impact we can have immediately in our everyday lives.

In this day of high unemployment and talk of health care reform, I wonder how  many of us think of what we can do to help somebody else.

I believe that at the root of our economic and social problems is a fundamental attitude of greed and avarice. Yes, the folks on Wall Street are culprits, but we all carry our share of the burden. Our focus in life is always “what can I get”, rather than “what can I give.” How many of us would have agreed to work for our companies for a year without pay? O. K., that’s too radical: How many of us have asked: “What can I do to help generate more revenue for the company”?

For those who are laid off, here is a suggestion:

While you continue your job search activities, why not make yourself the President  of a company? Decide something that you can do that will really help someone or solve some problem in the world. Clearly, you have some skill that you can utilize to help someone; what is it?

Use this web site to post your thoughts. Although you may not have all the answers, someone else may be able to add to your idea. Synergy can result from collective thinking about right thoughts.

Remember: a trip around the world starts with the first step.

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